About Us

Luminite, “a flash that lights up”. This is how we see us partnering with you to strengthen your people processes. We at Luminite Services believe in adding value to your company by applying real insight into clients strategic requirements and delivering best in class services.

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Who we are

We at Luminite Services provide Corporate Services, Our team of experts partner with you to design, deliver and implement the organizations goals based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve internal & external customers and business partners.

Today, companies around the world are striving to confront the organizational challenges presented by global trends such as growing competition for Talent and Capability, Shifting Centers of Economic Activity and establishing Cost Effective Models for Business Sustenance

We possess combined experience in the field of HR processes, Employee Development and Designing effective trainings for all the domains in your organization

We have professionals in our team who understand your business requirements and deliver value additions to grow your teams

Our Vision

To be leaders in HR Services by offering a broad spectrum of solutions to clients and partnering with them to meet their goals.

To be the best by providing high class services and meeting customer expectations.

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Our Focus

  • We understand how your organization thrives or flounders on the quality of your people.
  • We can put forward objective, unbiased opinions and also able to share with you other business stories, success and ideas.
  • You will realize it is useful to have a fresh set of eyes looking at your people man agreement processes to determine what is needed to take your business further.