Content Management

Content Development

Content writing is a professional approach for any company to reach out to the people via different online media like blogs, articles, newsletters, social network etc and showcase the specialties of their business.

We at Luminite Services have professional writers who use their creative skills to develop content to meet your requirements without any compromise on quality.

We believe in a systematic approach to the entire experience of updating content online. Starting with the process of gathering information, research, planning and highlighting of the company to be on top through the SEO process.

Delivering your requirements:

We believe in simple and accurate content as desired by you. We emphasize on the accuracy of the grammar and sentence structure, keeping the content easy and user friendly for your readers to read and understand.


Cost of the client - Category A Cost of the client - Category B
Product description ₹400 / 350 words ₹800 /500 words
Blogs ₹500 / 350 words ₹1000 / 700 words
Articles ₹500 / per page ₹1000 / 700 words
Newsletters ₹500 ₹1000
Social Media (FB/Insta/Twitter) ₹20000 / pm ₹30000
Website (Upto 15 pages) ₹25000 ₹35000